About Our Preschool


Our mission is to provide a safe, consistent and empathetic learning environment for children and families.


The Herzog Family Center is a well-established academy of early learning meeting student’s social, emotional, and intellectual needs.


The Herzog Family Center provides whole food menus, highly engaging extra-curricular activities and a structured theme based curriculum.

Positive Behavior Guidance Policy

Relationship on consistency is paramount when interacting with students. We believe our behavior guidance policy is to follow the expectation of fairness and respect when interacting with children. The goal is to establish and maintain positive relationships with the students and teachers. We use a two-choice system directed by the teacher. The choices must be safe and non-punitive. Allowing students to have input in the decision-making process allows for less conflict and power-struggle scenarios.

Students are fallible and will make many different mistakes. This is an opportunity to learn; not a time to use corrective action to punish. Students will not be forced to do anything; they are given choices and we respect their decision. When a child is not ready to make a decision on their own, we help them by allowing teachers to switch with another teacher to see if they can connect and bridge the relationship.

Like the many children we serve, there will be a myriad of potential situations that staff will have to adapt to in a moment’s notice due to each individual. We also acknowledge that we cannot predict every outcome of the interaction between teachers and students. With that being said, our goal is to always be firm, fair and friendly, offering two choices, and treating students with dignity and respect.

When adults create environments that respect each individual child, they set forth a message that the world is a warm, friendly learning place. We ask questions to get the child to describe the event in his/her own words.

Three Questions HFC uses when Problem Solving with Students
1. What were you doing?
2. What should you be doing?
3. When are you ready to begin?