Mallene and Hans Herzog Scholarship

The Herzog’s Storyherzog early

In 1996 Hans and Mallene began the Herzog Family Center with a clear vision to “Shape the Future.” Over the years, the center has become their life’s work and in the process they have shaped the lives of countless families.

hans and mallene Prior to starting the center, Mallene was a kindergarten teacher  and later a Principal at St.  John Vianney in the Spokane Valley  and then St. Charles in North Spokane.  As she and Hans  prepared to open  the center, it was all hands on deck for the Herzog Family.  Hans even worked  two jobs to ensure this dream would be realized. While  managing a steel fabrication plant he  was in charge of the renovations to the old Fire  Station that would  soon become the center. Check out the original story in the Spokesman Review.

 It’s been said that Mallene regarded Hans as the “face and the  business side” of the center  and Hans regarded Mallene as it’s “Heart and Soul”. Without question Hans and Mallene  have succeeded at shaping the future of the children and families in their care.

The Scholarship

The Mallene and Hans Herzog Scholarship was established at Gonzaga University to honor Hans and Mallene and to benefit students in the School of Education (particularly those pursuing a career in early childhood education).

The fund is an endowed scholarship fund. Thanks to many generous donors, the scholarship will exist in perpetuity. We invite you to continue to make Hans and Mallene’s vision of Shaping the Future a reality by making a gift to the scholarship fund.

Click below to visit the Gonzaga website and make a donation to the scholarship (please choose “I’d like to choose my areas of support” and enter “Mallene and Hans Herzog Scholarship”)Gonzaga